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by Victoria Heuer


I collect a lot of DIY ideas from the Internet. Some of the projects are beyond my current skill set, and some are easy enough, given some set aside time to do them. That last part is the kicker. Time. So I haven’t actually done a project in a long time, but I have big plans. This is one of them — to make a cat bed. You know, for my cat.


I actually had the fortune of being gifted an old Macintosh monitor, which you will see a picture of here, post transformation (but not mine).


Making a cat bed out of an old Mac monitor is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time, and I did start on it as soon as I got it, and then I couldn’t figure out how to get it apart … and so it sits until I do figure it out. 


I also have old suitcases, and dresser drawers are easy enough to come by if you have the patience and an Eagle eye to spot an old dresser that has been set out by the curb.


Some of the other great ideas I have come across — and by great ideas I mean projects that are really easy to do and require very few skills beyond taking things apart, screwing things in place, and gluing things together — are TVs turned into beds and cardboard boxes made into kitty condos. The last one is actually too skill intensive for me, to tell the truth. Too much detail cutting.


Rather than present all of the really cool DIY bed ideas I have found, I am instead presenting those that can be done by almost anyone with a free Saturday (or whatever your free day is).


Suitcase Beds





















































I wanted to show five different kinds of suitcase beds to illustrate that there is no rule on how to make it. You can choose any type of leg for the bottom, you can make a bunk bed out of two suitcase halves, or you can use the bottom of a chair for the legs. And you don’t even need to attach legs or remove the top half, for that matter, if you don’t want to. Just a comfy pillow or blanket and you’re done. One of the pluses of leaving the top attached is that the case can be used as a handy travel bed.


Just in case you do want to get fancy and attach legs, Sally Ann has a perfect step-by-step guide: How to Make a Suitcase Cat Bed


(By the way, you can make a bed like this for dogs, too.)


Basket Bed










This was one of my favorite finds. The bed is made from an Ikea basket that has been turned on its side. You might want to place something on the sides to keep it from rolling — a couple of books would do, I think — but otherwise, this is as easy as it gets.


And you know cats: The smaller the basket, the better.


Towel Bed










I was delighted by this easy bed project from Martha Stewart. All you need is a couple of towels, which you can get from your own closet or buy in a fun pattern specifically for this project, some batting from your local craft store for the filling, and needle and thread. A sewing machine is better, of course.


It can be rolled up for travel, and thrown in the washing machine for easy cleanup. The instructions are here: Cozy Travel Cushion for Pets


Television and Computer Monitor Beds


















This is where we began, with my plan to turn an old Mac monitor into a bed. I also love the television beds, which can be made from small TVs, like the one here, or from big ones, like the one at Haus Panther.


The computer monitor bed looks to be a little more tricky, but hopefully, if I follow the guides I found, I will be able to accomplish my goal. I will add an update when I do.


To see more images of finished televisions and monitors, Remobilia has a collections at their page, Ideaias Para TVs e Monitores Velhos.


Here are two guides for turning a computer monitor into a cat bed:


Inspire Wild, How to Turn an Old iMac into a Cat Bed

Danielleisms, iDakota: iMac Cat Bed Upcycling Project


Doing the same with an old television would be approximately the same, but here is a link for the TV deconstruction:


Instructables: How to Take Apart a TV


And bonus: How to convert an old TV into a fish tank.




Have you made a bed for your pet? Tell us what you made, how you did it, and include a picture!



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